Firestorms, Hurricanes, and Massacres; The Light Behind the Darkness

We are experiencing a time of great turmoil right now; destruction, chaos and pain. It’s exhausting and overwhelming. But it is also an opportunity. Because the possibility exists for the inconsequential, the small and mundane desires that no longer serve us, to be swept aside as deep, consequential energies rise to the surface.   Questions […]

HEROES – jennifer deshon

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“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca I have believed for a long time that the hardest thing firefighters do is get up every morning and go to work, never knowing what the day might throw at us. To face that uncertainty is the one truly brave thing we […]

The Future of Triple F–Fabulous Female First Responders!

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The Ever Evolving Journey of Triple F in Mind, Body, and Spirit   When I, Gea Haff, began Triple F–Fabulous Female Firefighters! in 2013, three months after my mother died, I never imagined in my wildest dreams how far and fast this group would grow. I’m naturally private and shy, but my mother’s passing injected […]

Post-Traumatic Growth is Real

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There is a darkness in the world and we have the privilege and the burden of bearing witness to it. With our profession and a continual exposure to death, pain, and cruelty, it is natural to sometimes feel traumatized ourselves. This is normal if we are healthy, compassionate beings and not psychopaths. But the feeling […]

Anne Bronte Nightwalker is here!

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What happens when you work Fire/EMS and read way too much gothic English Literature? Anne Bronte Nightwalker!   My debut novel, out with Firefox Press, is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.   Who are the Brontes?   The Bronte sisters grew up isolated in the remote English moors to become three of […]

“Game of Fire” by DeShon and Haff for FireRescue Magazine

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Jennifer DeShon and I wrote a piece for Fire Rescue Magazine about My Lost Brothers by Brendan McDonough and his account of being the lone survivor of the Granite Mountain Crew that perished in 2013 when a brutal wildland fire claimed 19 men. This was an exciting, fascinating, and incredibly tragic story about a lost young […]

Bright Star: Pink Responder Right Angle in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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One of my mottos since becoming a firefighter is that you can’t have too many flashlights, carabiners, or knives, so I was excited to review the pink Bright Star Right Angle Responder Flashlight in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   . You can never have too many flashlights, carabiners, or knives.   I’m always a […]

Renee Murray–Thoughts About My Fire Company

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My thoughts for today about my fire company:   Being a female in the volunteer fire service comes with a unique set of challenges; some of which are very real and nearly tangible, and others, I admit, may only exist in our (often self-conscious) imaginations. These challenges present themselves differently for all of us, so […]

Advice For A Girl Joining An All Male Fire Department by FF/Paramedic, Kenia Trevino

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Advice for a Girl Joining an all Male Fire Department   This list was given by Kenia Trevino in response to a question posted on Triple F’s group page. I thought it was very wise and so I’m sharing it! Of course, no list is definitive. There’s always more to say or do. What are […]

She’s Got Grit

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Shannon Huffman Polson, former Apache helicopter pilot and Army 2nd Lt, writes about female leadership for her column She’s Got Grit. In this article she branches out from the military to the fire service and asks me a few questions. I’m not an officer, just a firefighter, but if you’re interested you can read more […]

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